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The Challenge

Initially, Dragon engaged us to grow their casual worker pool for their existing clients. The problem was their app download growth was slow and the number of workers who actually ended up working on site was very small.


We quickly determined that their organic and paid social strategy just wasn’t reaching the right people with the right information. We also realised that their website was part of the problem it was slow and did not showcase the real value of their Apps.

Then they wanted us to do the same thing for their clients : )


Essentially, it was our job to both improve their website and get the right people to download their Apps and actually use them.


Ready to see how we did it?

The Approach

The Approach

We started with overhauling their website for speed, usability and to clearly highlight the benefits of the Apps on both the home page and the App landing pages.

This provided a solid foundation for constant testing for the upcoming months – and needed to effectively convert users before we send large amounts of qualified traffic.

Workers App Campaigns

We began our worker App campaigns with Facebook and Google Ads. We needed to make it as easy as possible for those ready to take action now to quickly download the App, while nurturing warm audiences to build trust and take action later – without overwhelming them.

We achieved this via multiple ad types across Facebook and Instagram, as well as Google search ads and display.

Identifying The Key Points

While 2021 Covid restrictions and site lockdowns were initially challenging, by November, we had identified the key points and creatives that drove direct App installs – rapidly increasing installations while driving down CPA to less than $5.50.

After establishing that the Facebook platform delivered the lowest cost per App download, we shifted the bulk of the budget there while still maintaining a presence on the Google network for additional direct App downloads.

The Results


Percent of users recommend us to friends and family


Companies have shifted to using us recently


We deliver so much more than the competition


“Alex was there every step of the way and brought my vision further than I could have imagined!”

Matt JonesSales Director at The Dragon Group - Australia

Other Success Stories

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