BIN Attack Protection for Woocommerce


First Layer of BIN Attack Protection for Woocommerce

The plugin checks the IP address of the attacker and blocks the site if the system detects that they are trying to place multiple orders in a short period of time.

The plugin allows you to change:
– The number of seconds in between orders
– The number of orders
– The email address where you receive an alert

*Note – this Plugin does not block all BIN attacks. Every Woocommerce site has different configurations, weaknesses and defenses. If you are interested in a more complete solution, book a call with us.


What is a BIN attack?

A BIN (Bank Identification Number) attack is when a fraudster attempts to determine if stolen card information can be used to make purchases.

Simply put, bots use multiple card numbers to place orders on ecommerce sites which can result in thousands of orders, potentially costing you thousands in losses, refunds, and resolving disputes with payment gateways.

Why is it a critical issue for Ecommerce Stores?

This is a major problem during peak shopping seasons and sales.

For example, one of our ecommerce clients suffered a BIN attack and received 25,000 fraudulent orders in just three hours!

Fortunately, we managed to block 98% of them. If you don’t have the right protection in place, this situation could rapidly turn into a disaster – potentially pushing a business into bankruptcy.

For instance, payment gateways such as Stripe charge a $25 flat rate for each lost dispute and you also must cover the loss of the purchase.

You can also get your SMTP email server may also be blocked due to the huge number of emails that send and bounce. The damage can be immeasurable.

Technical Info

  • Version: 1.0
  • Minimum PHP version: 7.4 or higher
  • Requires: WordPress 6.0 or higher and WooCommerce 6.0 or higher

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