Turning Caffeine Into eCommerce User Experience Since 2015.

EUX is an Australian based company that trial, review, improve and then quality stamp the shopping experience and checkout process on your online selling platform.The Ecommerce User Experience.

Being online consumers, we all know how frustrating online shopping can be.
Sometimes it’s the layout or the aesthetics, sometimes it’s the basket, sometimes it’s the checkout process. Sometimes it’s the whole shebang! With the average shopping cart abandonment rate worldwide sitting around 69% there’s lots of room for improvement. To put that into perspective; it translates into nearly 7/10 of your customers never completing their online purchase!

Fortunately, it has also been proven that providing a better shopping experience to the customer ultimately leads to higher conversion rates, lower bounce rates and increased sales. In addition, a better user experience (UX) has also been found to increase repeat sales and customer loyalty. That’s like two birds with one stone!

EUX have a track-record of delivering great results to companies looking to increase their sales and customer engagement.

Firstly, we always consult with our clients to assess their needs. This provides a better understand of their business and existing customer base, along with their target market.

EUX then review the entire shopping process across all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop) and provide a comprehensive user experience (UX) report.

We compile our UX reports using the very latest technology and an array of advanced analytics tools (heatmaps & click maps, A/B split testing and many more) combined with our years of experience (as believe it or not, there’s part art & part science involved).

These systems are then analysed and reported upon with the specific aim of making the process as seamless, simple and as user-friendly as possible – from the mindset of a consumer.

We’ve been interpreting UX data for years and we’re pretty good at it (and so modest). Within the report, along with the data and statistics we’ve compiled, we offer expert advice and recommendations to help boost your conversion rate, increase your sales and offer your customers the perfect shopping experience.

Let’s make the online world a happier place to shop.

Katie TurnerDirector of Global Lip Service

“I can't thank Adrian and Rupert from EUX enough ! They helped bring my concept to life and were in contact throughout the entire process, not only online but also face to face !
For someone who had a vision but limited online experience, they ensured the concept was built around my needs and went above and beyond my expectations.
Should you need any web development or insight EUX comes as the highest recommendation for both development, logo design and service! Thank you Adrian, Rupert and EUX”

Oscar AraizDirector of ROC Nature

“EUX has been managing our website for the last two years and we saw huge growth in sales which led to expansion of our team to cater the growth. With two new masseurs on board, EUX is working to optimise our current ecommerce platform as well as develop an eCommerce platform that is tailored made to suit our needs. This will help drive our online sales and enhance our customer's shopping experience online. Words cannot describe how grateful and satisfied we are for their hard work! Happy customer - Oscar Araiz, Director (ROC nature)”

Raphael SanzeCommerce manager of freeze-frame

“When it comes to Conversion Rate Optimization they are the ones. We been thru a long journey in order to improve our revenue but at the end we achieved our KPI's by far.During that process EUX has been always there giving us an excellent support, results and reports. Freeze-frame have long term projects and EUX is going to be involved on all of them. 100% Recommended.”

Manuel RiveraSenior Server manager at Tech1

“Adrian and the EUX team had done an superb work on my customer sites, and I get a real improvement of conversion rates.
The increase on visits and users were spectacular, and so the sales.
It's a excellent service that totally worth the price.
Thanks a lot!”

FlavienDirector at DTL Sourcing

“EUX is very efficient, my website has been hacked and it seems very hard and long for my webmaster to fix the issue but EUX fixed the issue in 2 hours!!
Thank you so much Adrian and Rupert!”