BT Engineering Group

From humble beginnings to now expanding across the world, BT Engineering stands as the world’s leading bricklaying toolmaker. BT is authentic – no frills, no fuss. But to win new customers in a competitive digital landscape, BT needed some marketing frills and a lot of development fuss.

We led a website re-design that enabled BT’s site to sell in and dominate the UK market. To create a powerful brand story, We launched an SEO-optimized monthly blog and high-converting Facebook advertising.

It’s our mission to help make BT a proud Australian export story.

”EUX operates like an extra employee of my business. They are creative, trustworthy and insightful and have been helping me with graphic assets through to Amazon UK. Most importantly, EUX are hell bent on helping me create a powerful brand and story that wins customers.?

Simon Jack
Managing Director at BT Engineering

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