Discover how EUX helps companies to improve their online presence; improving the user experience and boosting sales!

In this case study, we use freezeFrame. Freezeframe are a reputable online beauty and skin care store that had a high bounce rate on every page of their website and consequently were vastly underperforming in CRO and sales.

After studying their case and consulting with the client, EUX identified serious errors in both the appearance and usability of the website.

To rectify this, we carried out three areas of action:

Color & material

Digital Blue


Dark Grey


Pink Violet


Section No. 1

Improve User Experience and Perception

Aesthetically, the old website was very poor. It did not reflect the philosophy of the company and was not in-line with the freezeframe corporate image.

Our research found that this left the user feeling disappointed, believing that they were visiting a website of little prestige or reputation.

The website was not responsive and could not be viewed on mobile, smartphones and tablets, which added to the poor user experience.

This translated into overall usability problems. The layout of many elements on the site confused the user and obstructed the navigation which were major contributors to the high bounce rate the old site was experiencing.

The eCommerce system was dated and difficult to navigate, with very limited options for payment and returns.

Compounding this, the site had been developed under an old and obsolete code, with many security holes.

EUX implemented the following;

Integrated Payments with Stripe
Using the most advanced and flexible tools for e-commerce

Add Credit Card Option
Users have the option to store their credit cards in their own account

Responsive Layout
Enabling visitors to navigate and buy comfortably via all type of devices.

New website. Built under WordPress
The world’s leading content manager

Implement Online shop under Woocommerce
The worlds most reputed online sales platform

Synchronization with Netsuite
NetSuite Is Australia’s #1 Cloud ERP Software Suite.

Sync with PayPal
Giving the customer more payment options, with the possibility of making returns

Section No. 2

Optimised Sales Tools

As a second area of action (which was being implemented in unison with section 1) is an area the user does not see, but which is still vital for a successful online sales process; the internal optimisation of the hosting server.

This is an integral part of the positive online user experience and is sometimes overlooked.

Whilst not as sexy as the front-end work, this area is fundamental to consolidate the whole process. It helps to improve not only the user experience, but also the interaction of the site with other 3 rd party external tools to maximise online reputation. Think: Social networks, search engines, etc

For this EUX established direct actions on the host server:

Implementation of MaxCDN and Cloud Fare
Increasing the speed of loading and the optimisation of the web

Implementation of 256-bit SSL certificate
Making the customers online transactions safer

Implementation of Atomix Secure Linux
Helping to mitigate the attacks of ddos, hackers and other malware.

New nested infrastructure
Supporting up to 10 thousand simultaneous users without server outages

Section No. 3

Digital marketing revisited

Following the implementation of steps 1 & 2 we installed a variety of advanced analytics tools to track, measure and report on the new sites performance.

Traffic had increased by 33%, the bounce rate was reduced by 11% and CRO had increased 12%. Efforts were then focused on consolidating the achievements made so far and enhancing them further. This has had a very positive impact and further increased sales.

One of the ways we did this was the remarketing to customers who made it to the very bottom of the marketing funnel, but did not convert to sale.

Previously, these customers who didn’t complete the checkout process would have been lost completely. Now, using this system and remarketing directly to these users via a cart abandonment email (usually within an hour of them leaving the site), enables us to reach-out again to these potential customers. The whole scope of actions that EUX perform are aimed at strengthening and reinforcing your online market presence.

Some of the other services that EUX provide include:

We perform A / B Testing
Position of objects, on the web, colours, etc.

We set up email marketing campaigns
Automation of emails synchronized with the RSS of the web, inc automatic emails for birthdays etc.

We conduct surveys
At different points on the web (when placing an order for example).

We ensure SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Optimisation of pages, products and posts with Schema and XML’s

Upload Sitemaps to Google
Aggregates and Indexed the sitemaps in Google, both images and url’s

We provide responsive solutions
Optimisation of web pages across all devices; phone, tablet, laptop & desktop

By implementing these solutions EUX has succeeded in
improving on freezeframe‘s website the following:

Increased Revenue
Increased average order value
Segmented Emails
Indexed Pages on Google

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