How improve Conversion Rates in a few steps

A conversion is any action that a user makes in our online store and the company considers it as a goal. The conversion depends about the typology of our company and our services and products.
Some examples will be:

  • Download a PDF
  • Purchase a product
  • Send a form
  • Read a review

When we start to compile information about these actions we are going to be able to calculate the conversion rate:

Users who have completed the conversion are divided between users who have visited our online store. Example: If 400 users visit us and 4 of them have completed the conversion, our conversion rate is 1%.

Rate: 4/400=0.01×100=1%

It is important to have a control of this rate to achieve our targets, a good conversion rate would be around 2-3% and it changes due to our potential customers.

google adwords industry benchmark

Improve the conversion rate.
Optimize the web for mobile media should be your priority, using the most recent
techniques as the AMP. Today, these media are more important than desktops.
• A good visibility of the contact information, put in the header preferably.
• The forms have to be simple as possible to avoid people  ́s laziness to fill them in.
• Testimonials and reviews of products and services by satisfied customers.


• Visibility of successfully completed jobs and services.
• Offer free advice to meet the potential client.
• In a more advanced way, but for free we can use the Google Optimizer tool to perform A / B test tests and thus improve our conversion rate. It consists of creating variations of the same url to see which works best. Here you have a Google support that explains the advantages of using this tool.
• Loading speed and performance are basic in any website. Measure how you go with tools like
• Test the CTA ( call to action). They are the buttons, banners, links .. that we use as a claim.
• Use cross selling, offers similar or complementary products when a user is buying a certain product.
• To use up-selling, it consists of offering the users products of greater price and quality.

cross sell and up sell

Enable the Wishlist, many users tend to accumulate products to buy at once. In this way the can get offers or less shipping fee.

Following these steps your conversion rate and the quality of your store will increase exponentially.

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