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95% of Australians use Google to research products, get reviews, and shop. For any business, the Google Marketing platform cannot be overlooked.

Google Advertising is very effective, but there is a steep learning curve for new users. There is a big difference between just getting a bit of money back and actually growing your online business.

We don’t just build custom Google campaigns that make your money back. We build a sustainable and reliable income stream that fuels consistent long-term business growth.

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Some Of Our Results


Return on Ad Spend

Tender Gourmet Butchery –


Return on Ad Spend

Tender Gourmet Butchery –


Return on Ad Spend

Tara Dennis Store


Return on Ad Spend

Dubbo Meat Center

Grow Your Customer Base

EUX is more than just an “ad agency.” We are your Ecommerce partner. We use Ad campaigns to find you more customers so your online sales continue to grow over time, even on a fixed budget.

We take the long view. We want your business to making even more sales in 6 months, a Year, 5 years, and even longer.

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What ads can we create for you?

Shopping Ads

Make it easy for your customers to see your most profitable products when they search on Google. Bring them directly to the product page on your online store.

Animated Ads

Grab your customers’ attention with html5 animated ads. Promote your business, engage them, and remind them of your business and products.

App Promotion Ads

Get your app off to a flying start with ads that take users directly to Google Play or the Apple Store.

Carousel Ads

Use an eye-catching and cost-effective slideshow of images to showcase your range across all Google’s properties: Gmail, Youtube and more.

Remarketing Ads

Target your website visitors with remarketing ads. Added to the cart but didn’t buy? Remind them with Google ads as they browse online.

Brand Awareness Ads

Let people know your business exists, grow your reach and build your reputation. Be the one they think of when it’s time to buy.

Local Business Ads

Reach locals in specific suburbs, postcodes, or distance from your store. Encourage customers to call you directly from the ad.

Lead Generation Ads

Make it easy for potential customers to sign up for your offer with forms pre-filled with information from their Google Account.

Video Ads

Tell your brand story and showcase what makes you unique. Reach and engage potential customers on Youtube and across the Internet.

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