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We’re more than a ‘provider’, we’re like a trusted partner who can finish your sentences. Your friendly digital designers, developers, and strategists who will go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals – even if we end up on Mars.

We were the geeky kids in school. But now we are masters of the interwebs who can hack complex digital tools to help you build your business and brand.

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A wise man once said: “In this age, you gotta make the digital first. Then when you get the digital, you get the money. Then when you get the money, you get the power.”

You gotta make your own moves. Your first move should be getting access to our wide-ranging digital skillset – graphic design, digital marketing, conversion optimization, data analysis, and customizing eCommerce systems.

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Digital Marketing

This might sound weird, but we get weak at the knees just thinking about all the ways we can grow your business. Imagine gorgeous digital ads and emails delivered with powerful, personal, targeted strategies and marketing plans that will drive your online sales. Ohhhh yeah, we need to sit down.
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Lead Generation


Why do some brands like Nike and Apple grow a cult following? We have the answers, and we didn’t even have to join a cult. We just listen, learn, collaborate, and lay solid foundations for a brand personality, voice, and design system that hits your customers right in the feels.
  • Logo Design
  • Branding Guideliness
  • Yearly Reports
  • Business Dossiers


Your online presence means more than looking pretty. You need experienced web developers to beef up your website with the latest technologies and systems. Our WordPress and WooCommerce experts can build complex tech that keeps you ahead of the competition. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Because they didn’t hire us.
  • Web Development
  • WordPress & Woocommerce Development
  • Shopify+ Development
  • Custom Development and Integrations


People love to spend money on the internet. Our eCommerce experts can turn your website into a personal ATM that spits cash into your lap. We design, develop, and customize your eCommerce systems to convert visitors into long-term customers. Plus, we know how to make your online presence more irresistible than cute cat videos.
  • Custom Development and Integrations
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Customer Experience Audit
  • Reports
  • Systems Flow Analysis and Optimization


Discover how EUX Digital Agency Sydney helped Australia’s most awarded butcher shop increase their monthly revenue by 804% in just six months!

The Tender Gourmet Butchery (TGB) may be experts at cutting loin chops, but their website wasn’t cutting it. We think a company that makes the best sausages in the world deserves the best website in the world!

TGB came to us with a non-responsive and outdated eCommerce. After an intense brainstorming session, and 27 cups of coffee, we figured out how to coordinate and execute a successful re-platforming from OsCommerce to WooCommerce.

We designed, developed, migrated, and delivered an eCommerce that included complex subscriptions and multiple system integrations – all in record time! Yes, we timed it.


There was no time or beers to waste when Big Life Journal (BLJ) approached EUX for a time-sensitive website re-design to improve conversion rates before a new product launch.

BLJ’s Shopify platform used old custom-coding which presented some interesting challenges. We approached the problem from an intriguing perspective. If we could maintain the website’s high-volume traffic while breaking away from the traditional Shopify standards, we knew we would die happy.

EUX use advanced analytics, tracking tools, and a customer feedback form (post-checkout) to improve CRO. This valuable data helped us develop custom filters with ajax functionality to plug leakage. Seems like a great idea right? It is.

Ongoing consultation with BLJ allowed our in-house design team to expedite a complex tailor-made website design.

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